Review of Surrey Lofts

An Honest Review Surrey Lofts

When it comes to Surrey, I was always pleased with them every time they do a loft conversion for me. At first, we will meet in order to plan everything out and I must praise them for having such creative minds. It is always a pleasure to work with minds that are as creative as that. Add that to the fact that they were willing to extend the meeting until I can get a clear view of how I want to maximize the space I have at our place.

Amazing Work Ethic

Everyone from the customer service staff to the experienced builders were pretty passionate about what they bring to the table. They are the type of employees who just can’t wait to get started. They don’t really like to be idle for too long as they would rather get loads of tasks accomplished in one day compared to doing nothing as that would hurt their productivity. As they say, it would feel great to learn something new each day as that would mean you are going to be in loads of headlines the next day.

Highly Acclaimed

There is no shortage of people who would recommend Surrey because of their commitment to getting the job done in such a short amount of time. They would not mind working long hours as long as they were able to accomplish their goals for the day. Add that to the fact that they will send a recap each day regarding what they have accomplished and why they were able to do it right away. It is no secret they possess all the needed tools in order to take care of the task in the time that you expected them to do it. It goes to show the number of things that they learned through experience and they would not mind teaching it to the other people that they know in the business.

Wonderful Punctuality

They were always there on the time that they said they would arrive. Yes, they would never seem to be late and that is what you would want them to be there for. It feels nice to do business with a company that always stays true to their word. If ever they come late, they will tell you in advance and it seems like there is a logical explanation for that. They hate being late and they know that it would never be in your reason to expect them at the right time. You can never assume that they got lost on the way to your place because they surely researched it in order to avoid getting late. By the time the day comes that they need to be there, they will take the fastest route in order to avoid getting stuck in traffic. We all know how nobody wants to get stuck in traffic as that will just set your mood in such a bad way.

Positive Attitude

They were friendly enough to answer all my questions in just a short amount of time. They were able to give me everything that I needed to know in order to get the project started right away. They realize that I got pretty excited with the entire loft conversion so they were adamant that it will get done in the time frame that I had given them. It turns out they are used to meeting tight deadlines and I applaud them for that. I thought at first the deadline I gave them was a bit harsh but it turned out to be another day in the office for them. They were always dressed up for the occasion and they brought a number of extra t-shirts in order to change when the time comes that they needed to do a lot of stuff about it when the going gets a bit tougher than you thought.

Good Attention to Detail

It is apparent you are going to be encountering a few hiccups along the way towards converting the place into a loft. Due to how long they’ve been in the industry, there is a huge chance they encountered that problem sooner rather than later. After all, it is just a matter of time before you would expect them to be in such a good mood. One look at the problem and they would know the proper adjustments to make. When you are at the site, you could have some last minute requests that they would be happy to accommodate. Yes, they would want nothing more than to put a huge smile on your face when everything is said and done.

Competitive Pricing

The price you will pay Surrey is not that cheap and it is not that expensive either. The good part is that you will get every penny of what you paid them since they are true professionals in this regard. They sure know how to price themselves. As they say, make sure to demand what you are worth and that is exactly what happened here. In fact, I think they are a big steal for the price that I am paying them. It is not like a deal I would get each day so my advise to each and everyone of you would be to take advantage of it while it lasts. Their prices will surely rise once they get a lot more clients than they do right now and that is bound to happen sooner rather than later.

In conclusion, I got way too honest in my review of Surrey lofts. I love how this became something of a passion for them as the world can use more companies like them. After all, they may get in the way of being the perfect standard in their field. There is no doubt a ton of small companies would grow up wanting to be a company that has grown like them. I think they are dedicated to their work in such a way that they would dream about it at night.